Healing each dog,
one paw at a time


Wellness begins with feeding right, but also knowing the correct supplements to give your furry friend to fill nutritional gaps, and to provide support in different areas.

What we mean by this is that we feel supplements should be used to work to prevent issues, focus on certain ailments, and to supplement to keep your dog healthy. Certain breeds are more susceptible to certain ailments or disorders, and supplementation can really help in regards to this.

Have a Golden Retriever? They are commonly known to have skin issues, hip problems, but also to struggle with different cancers.

Have a Chihuahua? They most often struggle with luxating patella and paw biting issues.

Have a Yorkie? They seem to struggle with liver abnormalities, but also skin issue and Cushing’s.

This is the magic that can be found through supplementation. By using pure and filler free supplements, but also supplements that deliver proactive care where you need it along with the proper nutrition, exercise, training and care – you can work to help keep your canine healthy.


Supplements for
all breeds and issues

Every week, we are trying to test and put together new formulas and combinations to address the many issues dogs have growing up, being on commercial diets, and those struggling to maintain optimal health. Some of the supplements address specific ailments, some are supportive, and some can be used therapeutically.

One dog at a time

Dogs are not just animals to us. They are an extension and parts of our families. We believe that a healthy diet can make the biggest difference in regards to ongoing health and supporting the natural ecosystem within dogs.